LeBron James is ​officially headed to Los Angeles.

After much speculation, LeBron James has announced via his agency Klutch Sports Group that he will head to LA on a four-year max contract worth $154 million. ​

This move was speculated for months, and despite his agent taking meetings with both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Philadelphia 76ers, James is set on LA.

The moves that follow this one will determine if James will have nearly enough firepower to take on the Golden State Warriors, who now reside in the ​same conference as LeBron. The King apparently feels confident enough in the steps Magic Johnson is taking, specifically in the team's pursuit of Kawhi Leonard and other stars to surround the 3-time MVP.

Unlike in years past, LeBron didn't opt for the dramatic announcement. There was no televised special or Sports Illustrated special. This is purely a business move and a lateral one as far as current talent on the roster.

Now we wait.