The Kid is still getting paid!

Ken Griffey Jr. was one of the most likable players in MLB history. Besides being one of the most dominant center fielders of the 90's Griffey was one of the most lovable personalities in the game. 

His joyful exuberance for the game earned him his nickname "The Kid". 

Well, this kid is still getting PAID!

Griffey was a consistent MVP candidate during his first 10 seasons in Seattle. In 2000, the  Reds signed Griffey right before his age 30 season. Unfortunately for them, Griffey's all-out style left him banged up and injuries plagued his time in Cincinnati. 

Griffey had a couple seasons where he seemingly approached his Mariners numbers but he lacked consistency and the Reds didn't compete in the NL Central during his time there. Griffey had a few all-star appearances but he never regained his MVP form. 

Now the Reds are stuck paying Griffey $3.6 million dollars a year until 2024. Obviously, it looks bad in hindsight but at the time of the signing, but it is understandable why they would give this money to a future Hall of Famer. It didn't work out, but it definitely wasn't an illogical decision to sign Ken Griffey Jr.