​Someone isn't happy with the direction the Portland Trail Blazers are going. 

While rumors abound that trading star point guard Damian Lillard might be the best move for the Trail Blazers, actually doing so would put the franchise back. A lot. So it might make fans nervous to hear that Lillard was posting some cryptic tweets when free agency began at midnight on Sunday. In fact, two of his messages must leave fans worrying if their franchise cornerstone will demand a trade or bolt after his current contract expires in a few years.

Lillard was extremely unhappy with the Trail Blazers when news broke that Portland had let forward Ed Davis walk on a reasonable one-year, $4.4 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets. Davis was a solid contributor in the front court for the Trail Blazers last season, as a percentage shooter and rebound specialist, and his absence will create a huge hole in Portland.

​Lillard followed up his first cryptic tweet about an hour later, posting a message with a peace sign and a watch. Does this mean that Lillard is counting down the minutes before he can say goodbye to the only franchise he has ever played for?

For a team that went 49-33 in the regular season and secured third place in the Western Conference, the Trail Blazers look like they're skating on really thin ice with their one true star.