At first, it was merely a dream. It was far from possible. Everyone knew PG13 wanted to go home to southern California; this stop in Oklahoma City was a novelty. A curiosity. An ​NBA intermission.

But then, particularly over the last week, the momentum began to build in earnest. Paul George might actually be leaning toward re-signing with the Thunder in free agency.

And now, it's all come true. The five-time All-Star is reportedly returning for another go-round with OKC.

Wow, wait a minute, four years? A three-plus-one, technically, with that last year being a player option, but still, that's a LONG time to commit to OKC. And he's doing it.

​That party tonight must be pretty fun, huh?

In his first season with Oklahoma City, George posted career highs in steals and three-point percentage. His partnership with Russell Westbrook was simpatico, it only figures to improve with another season of work.

​Enjoy the night, OKC homies. The man from Palmdale has taken a liking to the Heartland.