Wow. The Kobe stans are gonna LOVE this one.

Joel Embiid might be the single greatest social media follow in sports, and as we hurtle toward the start of what promises to be an epic ​NBA free agency period, #TheProcess is at it again. This evening, amid increasing speculation that LeBron James will put pen to paper with the Los Angeles Lakers, Embiid ​took to Twitter to declare that no matter what happens, there are only two true modern Laker icons, and everyone else is just details.

​​Hmmm. Well, then.

Since there's pretty much no chance ​LeBron can head to Philadelphia now, Embiid surely wants LeBron to stay in Cleveland so his up-and-coming Sixers can absolutely roll him in 2018-19 and beyond. But in case the King does in fact op to head to the west coast and take the reins at Staples Center, the Cameroonian big man is ready to draw battle lines right here and right now.

​Seriously, go ahead, Independent Republic of Kobestan. Say your piece. Let's whip things up into a complete freaking frenzy just in time for the opening of free agency at the stroke of midnight.

​And tell 'em the Process sent ya.