Nelson Cruz has arguably been one of the most underappreciated hitters in all of baseball. Since joining the Mariners, he actually leads all of baseball in home runs, which is incredibly impressive considering we don't hear his name nearly as much as we should.

He's set to become a free agent at the end of the season, and it appears as if he's looking to make sure he keeps making the money he deserves.

Cruz has been a stud leading the Mariners, especially ever since ​Robinson Cano suffered an injury and was suspended. His stats the last month have been absolutely insane, which explains why the M's are among the best in baseball.

​​Of course, Seattle will want to jump in to bring Cruz back, but in the world of free agency, you never know what teams will come in and make an over-the-top big to steal players away.

No matter who ends up signing Cruz, they're going to have one of the best power hitters in baseball for multiple years.