One of the biggest names on the trade block is Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas.

The ​talks surrounding him have increased of late. According to reports, the Phillies have opened talks and the Cardinals are taking another look at acquiring him.

As for the Cards, they're looking for a serious upgrade, but this would create some issues on their roster. They already have a very full depth chart in the infield, and adding Moustakas would create an awkward situation for Matt Carpenter, who is the current starter at third.

While Carpenter can also play first base and second base, it'll still force the Cards to do a lot of shifting, whether it's with Kolten Wong or Jose Martinez.

The Cardinals still have some time before the trade deadline, but they are in a very tricky situation. They're still a game out of the wild card race, but they have been struggling to improve upon that mark all season long, hovering around .500.

If they're serious about a playoff run, they have to start making some moves quickly. If not, maybe it's time they considered actually selling and start retooling for next season.