The NBA offseason will solely be dominated by yet another free agency decision from  LeBron James. That was confirmed when the all-time great opted out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers just hours ago.

Because that move was heavily anticipated, theories as to where LeBron will land have been running rampid, with the ​Lakers and Rockets as the most popular options. While many believed that James would only be interested if he was allowed to play GM and get at least Paul George to sign with him in Los Angeles, there have been rumblings that the legend could go without another star.

According to Ryen Russillo, LeBron could indeed venture off to the Lakers without any other help from free agency. This would be a far cry from previous free agency decisions by James, which have both ensured that he is surrounded by at least two other superstars.

 This is also a bit surprising considering a report that came out recently stating that LeBron had reached out to Kevin Durant to join him in LA. Many believe that James opted out simply to find a team that will contend with Golden State for the NBA Championship.

So, what's this all about? Are NBA GMs no longer buying into the LeBron James player/management role? Is James just hellbent on playing for the Lakers?

If we know James by now, he's not one put himself in that kind of situation. While anything is possible, it's more likely that James is devising a plan to put himself on level ground with the juggernaut that is the Golden State Warriors.

Until then, we'll all be holding our breath.