​Kawhi Leonard wants out of San Antonio. 

After only appearing in nine games this past season for the only NBA team he has ever played for, the two-time All-Star wants out of the Spurs organization. Reportedly, Spurs legend four-time NBA Champion Tony Parker had a huge part in that. 

​​​​As supposedly one of the better teammates in basketball, ​Parker blasted Leonard over his injury back in March, saying that the hamstring injury the point guard had last season that forced him out of just a dozen games or so was "a hundred times worse" than Leonard's.

Shortly after those comments, Kawhi separated himself almost entirely from San Antonio and began seeking treatment in New York. Apparently, Parker's comments were "the last straw" for Leonard.

​​The Spurs organization seems to be supporting Parker in this feud based on ​recent Twitter activity.

Kawhi's time in San Antonio has all but reached an end, and now the question is where the Spurs will trade him after a tumultuous 2017-18 season.