​As if we needed another aspect to digest in the ​LeBron James sweepstakes, on Friday we were hit with the "Decision Cave" in the Caribbean? 

Where the hell is he, the Bermuda Triangle? Does LeBron really need to sit down with his close ones and associates at this juncture? Is his impending choice this difficult? Were LeBron and his camp really not preparing for this moment for the past two years after the Warriors added Kevin Durant?

I've never made a decision in my life 1/20th of the magnitude of LeBron's third chapter, but I will be ignorant enough to say that this is beyond the normal parameters of what the average individual defines as "ridiculous."

I just don't understand how there hasn't already been a coherent, formulated plan in place, especially with everything we know at this point. We knew Chris Paul and Paul George were going to be free agents this year. We knew the Spurs and Kawhi Leonard were parting ways. We knew LeBron's next move needed to be significant enough to dethrone the unjust Warriors.

And yet, LeBron is fleeing to a cave (metaphorically speaking) in the middle of the ocean to try and figure out what's best for him.

At this point, I can't help but think that nobody wants to play with LeBron. Paul George is highly considering re-signing with the Thunder, Kawhi reportedly isn't very keen on teaming up with LBJ, and Chris Paul, from what it seems, is just looking to get paid.

So that pretty much leaves just leaves the ​76ers -- the little brother of the true NBA contenders trying to fit in so hard that it's cringeworthy -- and it doesn't seem like they're even being seriously considered by LeBron and Co. 


We don't need to keep hearing these reports that conflict one another by mere minutes. We don't need decision caves, especially because it was said LeBron would be making up his mind by the holiday.

We need hope. We need coherence. And I hope LeBron realizes that while sipping his virgin piña coladas.