The Lakers have some seriously insane possibilities this summer. 

The potential super team that could be created in the coming days or weeks is scary -- so scary, in fact, that the Lakers could potentially become the next Warriors-like dynasty in the NBA. 

With LeBron, Kawhi, and possibly Paul George, the Lakers would gather tons of interest from vets just looking to win a ring, which already appears to be the case.

Adding tons of veteran bench help along with the trio of potential superstars is exactly what the Dubs have been doing for a few years now. But it gets even more terrifying once you take the Lakers young guys, whoever they end up keeping if they make a deal with San Antonio, and add them into the equation, giving the potential Lakers squad a mix of stars, veterans, and young prospects. 

Very similar to another California-based basketball team....

With LeBron opting out of his deal with the Cavs, the possibility of him suiting up for the Lakers next season has increased.

With free agency officially starting on July 1, questions like these will soon be answered. So tune in NBA fans, because the offseason drama is only just beginning.