​The man does have a decent point.

​Ryan Shazier, the Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro linebacker, is obviously unhappy with his 85 overall rating for Madden 2019.

​Shazier, with no hesitation, made his beef known with Madden via Twitter. 

It's become pretty common to see players be upset with their ratings in video games. 

For Shazier, he does have a point. An 85 for one of the top linebackers in the game? Yes, the ​man suffered a serious spinal injury, which cut his season short and ruled him out for next season, but come on.

Let's take a look at things from Shazier's angle. 

Imagine if you worked as hard as possible at your job, thought you were one of the best in the company, and then were told that you were doing a mediocre job and needed to pick up your game if you wanted a summer bonus.

You'd be pretty upset. This is how Shazier is feeling. 

So, ​Shazier's anger with the developers is at least somewhat justified, especially when you consider the fact that before his gruesome spine injury last year, he was in competition for Defensive Player of the Year. 

He still made the Pro Bowl despite his injury knocking him out of the last month of the season.

While Shazier continues on the long, hopeful road to recovery, he should at least have the fun of being able to play with a properly rated version of himself in Madden.

Come on, give this guy at least a 90 overall.