Ever since it happened, people around college football wondered how ​Jimbo Fisher went from one of the best coaches in the nation at Florida State to ditching them for greener pastures at Texas A&M. After months, it seems that fans have their answer. ​

According to a recent article from Sports Illustrated, Fisher's change of the guard stemmed from his connection to Texas A&M athletic director Sam Woodward. 

The two both worked at LSU during the turn of the century. Fisher was the offensive coordinator under Nick Saban and Woodward handled government relations for the chancellor of the school. 

With Kevin Sumlin out the door after five years, Woodward knew he had to go big in finding a replacement. He went on to offer Fisher a ​10-year, $75 million deal, with all the money guaranteed. Fisher accepted and the rest is history. 

Moral of the story here apparently is that it is very much about the money. It also matters who you know and how you know them, much like in any other business. 

Regardless, it'll be a lot tougher for Fisher to have the same success at A&M that he did at FSU. The Aggies compete directly with the likes of Alabama, Auburn and LSU in the SEC West, both on the field and in recruiting.