It's been over a week since the NFL handed ​Jameis Winston a three-game suspension, but questions surrounding the quarterback still remain. 

Rarely do franchise leaders find themselves getting disciplined for violating the league's personal misconduct policy, yet Winston put himself in that exact predicament. After harassing an Uber driver in 2016, many doubted whether or not the Bucs made a mistake with the Florida State product. 

With​ Tampa Bay facing heat from the entire NFL, Winston has finally released a statement on his actions, admitting guilt for what he did. 

​​For starters, Winston claims that it's uncharacteristic of him. Clearly that wasn't the case for him in college, but that's not the most telling part of this statement. 

What truly pops from his remarks was the elimination from alcohol in his life. It's understandable that players go through issues in life, it's only human. Nonetheless, quarterbacks are held to a higher standard than any other position. 

If Jameis can't control his own actions away from the gridiron, then how in the world can the other 52 men on the Bucs follow his lead? 

​​Mistakes happen, but this was certainly more than just a mental error. Jameis Winston needs to reevaluate how he conducts himself off the field. 

Otherwise, the Bucs could be making a change in the near future.