Many are excited about the future of the ​Cleveland Browns' offense after this past offseason. With the Browns taking ​Baker Mayfield with the first overall pick of the 2018 Draft, and a plethora of offensive tools waiting for him, Cleveland may have a unit that ranks towards the top of the league in years to come. 

Of course, a huge part of a fully functioning team is chemistry, and two of Cleveland's stars have already begun that process.

Yes, Baker Mayfield and Josh Gordon have been bonding through video games, specifically NBA 2K and Fortnite. While we're more accustomed to seeing players bond through practice, workouts, or some other form of socializing, the two Browns are taking a more modern approach and growing closer through the digital world.

"He plays a little bit of everything. I’m not as much into [NBA] 2K as he is," Mayfield said via 247 Sports. "Anytime you can become friends with a receiver like that, it’s going to help you out, but it’s much more than that."

Hopefully for Cleveland, neither Mayfield or Gordon get too salty after taking an L in 2K. However odd this story may be, it does evoke an interesting idea. Imagine a Fornite tournament with a squad composed of the stars from every NFL team, televised and everything.

Someone get Goodell on the phone.