Well, this is weird.

Apparently someone misunderstood what an "open practice" was and decided to join in on the fun. A random man jumped on the ice during the Panthers development camp and skated a few laps before general manager Dale Tallon came over and kicked him out.

The man had entered posing as a reporter and then stealthily put on a pair of skates and got onto the ice without anyone noticing. Once people noticed there was a guy not on the roster skating around they sprung into action and got him off the ice. It is great for fans to feel like part of the team but this is a bit much.

Surprisingly this is not the first time something like this has happened to an NHL team.

Why somebody would do this is beyond me. Maybe the fan just wanted attention or maybe deep down they thought they could earn an NHL contract simply by stepping onto the ice. Who knows, the Panthers might've just turned away the next Gretzky.