If you thought the NBA couldn't get any crazier than it is right now, guess again. 

Several reports are already indicating an insane team forming in Los Angeles, but the identity of that squad has yet to be determined. While hometown favorite Paul George could sign with the Lakers, the biggest fish in the sea is undoubtedly ​LeBron James

However, it's been well-documented that King James wouldn't be the first superstar to commit to the 16-time champions. Instead, the never-aging forward is trying to recruit players alongside him in 'Laker Land.'

Out of all the marquee players on the market, LBJ could be targeting the best possible player: Kevin Durant. 

That's right, according to Stephen A. Smith's sources, James texted Durant about teaming up in Los Angeles. 

Obviously abandoning the Warriors after winning back-to-back championships would be quite bold, but just thinking about this superstar duo gives me goosebumps. Even on nights where LeBron wouldn't give his best effort, the Lakers would have KD to rely on. 

Besides, leaving Golden State might actually help Durant's reputation. 

Who knows how KD reacted to James' message and if he would even consider this move, but there's no denying the intrigue in this development. 

Lakers fans, sit back and enjoy the drama. Whether it's LeBron James, Kevin Durant or​ even Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles seems poised for a championship offseason.