​In a rare move by the ​Redskins cornerback, Josh Norman has actually apologized for his fiery behavior.

Norman, who is well known for his intense competitive spirit and for not backing down in the face of trash talking or fighting, apologized recently on the "Glass Case of Emotion" podcast with Ryan Blaney for one of his most infamous spats from last season.

After a victory against the Raiders and a stellar defensive performance, Norman went off about how ​Raiders wideouts Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree got what they deserved for their arrogance. 

He was referencing rumors about how Cooper and Crabtree had claimed that they were going to rack up 200 yards receiving.

Cooper was simply confused about Norman's tirade.

The problem? Those rumors were entirely fabricated, made up by Norman's own teammate, defensive end Jonathan Allen, himself a former teammate of Cooper's at Alabama.

Allen admitted this to Norman, saying, "Nah man, I just really wanted to win, man."

With this hilarious revelation now having come to light, Norman, wanted to apologize for his unjustified anger. So, he just assumed the Raiders were talking smack and acted like a baby after a win? Nice...