​Brace yourselves, free agency is almost here. 

With the Warriors currently holding a strong grip on the rest of the NBA, the chances of several 'superteams' forming this summer are very likely. Out of all the possible options for players to land, the Los Angeles Lakers have emerged as the most attractive destination.  

Rumors have been swirling this entire week, as Paul George, LeBron James, and Kawhi Leonard have all been liked to L.A. Nearly every fan is already speculating over the blockbuster moves that could come into fruition, but none are freaking out more than Lakers fanatics. 

If Los Angeles wasn't buzzing yet, Josh Hart's cryptic tweet had the city in mayhem. 

​​Everyone stay calm! 

Seriously, what is this ticking time bomb? Is ​Kawhi Leonard about to be traded to his hometown Lakers? Regardless of what this post even means, Lakers fans are in full panic mode:

​​Just think about the possibility of the Lakers returning to their glory days in the NBA. An insane trio of ​King James, PG13, and Leonard would have opponents absolutely sweating. 

​​We're almost ready for the madness to begin, but clearly Lakers fans can't wait any longer.