​You just hate to see when people mix business with pleasure and friendships are destroyed as a result. Absolutely no one wanted to see the deep-rooted friendship of LeBron James and his far superior former teammate Richard Jefferson torn apart for eternity by the trying times of free agency. Make sure you sit down before you read the following news, folks. 

Jefferson, the former Cavalier, announced that he is renouncing his friendship with James because free agency was proving too difficult a test for the longtime bros to overcome. 

It's really difficult to fault Jefferson's logic here. Jefferson worked his butt off on the court and in the classroom for three years in college, something ​James never did by the way, before pouring his heart and soul into a 17-year NBA career. That's what I call bringing your hard hat and lunch pail to work every day. 

How does James acknowledge Jefferson's sacrifice? By being so self-obsessed and actively forcing his way into the spotlight that it harms Jefferson's personal life. Sad!

If it wasn't bad enough, James makes matters worse by thinking he has free rein to move to the city Jefferson's family resides in without asking him first. More sad!

​James thinks he can just post a few shirtless videos on Instagram and convince his tens of millions of followers that he has the same work ethic as Jefferson? I can't even put into words how insensitive it is to act like that without considering the financial ramifications for the common men living paycheck to paycheck in the league. 

Kudos to Jefferson for this courageous move. It must have required such intestinal fortitude and I'm sure he lost sleep over it, but someone had to be the guy who makes the first move and blazes a path for the rest of the overlooked NBA players to speak up.