It doesn't matter how serious a situation is or the weight of the implications, trolls never take a day off and are relentless regardless. 

New York Giants star corner Janoris Jenkins is currently involved in a case where the deceased body of 25-year-old family friend Roosevelt Rene was found in Jenkins' Fair Lawn, New Jersey, home Tuesday.

Jenkins has been in Florida since Giants OTAs broke weeks ago, but additional information regarding the case is scarce at this point. Despite the severity of the situation, the internet took over to try to add comedy to an otherwise seriously dark scenario.

As a result, Jenkins Wikipedia page got a makeover at the expense of quarterback Eli Manning.


Tough stuff but no surprise as once the news broke, opinions and commentary flew from every angle on social media. It was only a matter of time before Wikipedia was next. Not even two Super Bowl MVPs and likely future Hall of Fame honors could save Manning from criticism. 

Police officials are currently awaiting post-mortem evaluation of the victim found at the crime scene, which will certainly be critical in determining the alleged involvement of Jenkins or other potential suspects.