The Simpsons has an extremely weird way of somehow always predicting the future. 

From Donald Trump's p​residency and rigged voting machines, to FaceTime, to Lady Gaga performing the Super Bowl halftime show and the ​Stanley Cup in Vegas, they've known about a lot of information way before everyone else.

In 1997, the show predicted that ​Portugal and Mexico would play each other in the World Cup Final. The scary part? It's not just any ​World Cup Final - fans genuinely believe that the show predicted the Final to be between these two teams in 2018. Bizarre? Maybe, but also totally believable given the show's track record.

Fans believe that because the show references what turned out to be a true 2018 scandal in which players from the Mexico team allegedly partied with women before the tournament, the show was predicting the final for this year. 

Of course, both teams are still very much alive. Thriving, even.

Awesome and creepy all at once, right? Fans assert the show also predicted the Ebola outbreak, smart watches, Bengt. R Holmstrom winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and Itchy and Scratchy Land running out of Bort license plates.

OK, maybe that last one hasn't happened yet.

If only they had predicted the winner. There's still a lot of work to be done before any teams can be comfortable with these predictions, so although this is exciting, no prediction is ever truly certain...or is it?