On Tuesday, New York Giants CB Janoris Jenkins's name was in the news, and not for the reasons fans were hoping for. 

Shockingly, police revealed a dead body was found in the Jenkins' household in New Jersey, but amid the speculating updates that may have pointed at the Pro Bowler, reports have surfaced stating Jenkins is currently in Florida. 

The latest update has arrived, which states the man, identified as Roosevelt Rene, is a family friend.

While this situation certainly is tragic, this just causes more controversy in a Giants camp that doesn't need extra attention.

Giants star WR Odell Beckham Jr. has been in the news regarding his contract status, and fans aren't sure if he'll make it to training camp. 

Jenkins will certainly be talked about here, and undoubtedly questioned by the police. 

While nothing is certain so far as to the outcome of the case, one thing that is concrete is that this situation will only bring more controversy to Giants camp.