​Seemingly ever since Bryce Harper made his MLB debut, the All-Star outfielder has been linked to the New York Yankees. 

Whether he's taking the field in the Bronx or crushing bombs against the National League, the general consensus is that Harper would ​eventually take his talents to the Big Apple. Now that he's playing in the final year of his contract with the Nationals, free agency chatter and recruitment buzz has reached its pinnacle.  

Taking a trip to Tampa Bay won't even spare him from all the scattered murmurs, as Tropicana Field played multiple songs that embody the spirit of New York during Harper's at-bats Tuesday. 

Seriously, this is getting out of hand. 

From "New York, New York" to "Empire State of Mind," the bright lights of New York are calling Harper's name. Considering their history of signing marquee players in free agency, adding the lefty slugger to their already stacked lineup is definitely a possibility. 

Besides, other franchises are bracing for the reality of Harper taking his talents to the Yankees. 

​​We'll see if any other teams continue this recent trend, as Frank Sinatra's music is suddenly calling Bryce Harper's name.