​Who said the good times ever had to end?

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA has raised the available credit line available to owners to $325 million. This ruling has significant consequences on many different aspects of the NBA, but the place that it matters the most to might already be celebrating right now. 

With the Board of Governors having unanimously passed the increased debt limit in a vote on Friday, the Golden State Warriors dynasty we're all living through at the moment will be even tougher to break up. The debt line saw a 30 percent raise, which may soften the impact of higher team payrolls and luxury tax penalties.

This means Golden State, which already boasted one of the highest player budgets last season, will find it easier to retain the services of upcoming free agents Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

The extra financial wiggle room is very important to the Warriors, as both Thompson and Green have indicated that they will not sign team-friendly extensions with Golden State this offseason. The Warriors having more flexibility with regards to the debt cap will go a long way to keeping their core together.  

All this goes to show that Golden State will continue to be an absolute menace for opposing teams for the foreseeable future.

And hey, maybe it'll also help the Warriors out with financing the ridiculously expensive booze they decided to indulge in after sweeping the Cavaliers?