​Not only do the ​Tampa Bay Rays need to relocate as a franchise, but while we're waiting for that to sort itself out, Major League Baseball needs to immediately destroy Tropicana Field. 

Not only is it an eyesore, but the ground rules make zero sense and can actually affect the outcome of games.

Example: Clint Frazier's ​potential game-winning home run on Sunday that hit a speaker and was called an out. From there, Tampa Bay would win in the 12th inning on a Jake Bauers walk-off home run.

Yes. It wasn't ruled a foul ball, a single or a double. It was ruled out. How do we go from moonshot that probably would've gone over the fence to a routine out settling in shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria's glove? Obviously, the path of the ball was greatly affected. And we're chill to just let that happen?

It's a mystery and shouldn't even be a point of discussion. ALL 30 teams should have immaculate ballparks that don't have catwalks, speakers and anything else hanging from the ceiling. 

If a ball hits the wall, you can't catch it and record an out. If a ball hits a netting, you can't catch it and record an out. If a ball heading for the stands ricochets off a floating couch, that can be turned into a popup? Give us all the longest break.

This is the highest level of baseball in the world, and games shouldn't be determined by dumb rules like this. Get this team out of Tampa and rip this stadium limb-from-limb.