​For some of us, just getting out of bed in the morning is tough. 

For Kyrie Irving, he has to balance the NBA life and the movie star life. ​Irving is the star in the upcoming movie 'Uncle Drew.' His character comes from his Pepsi Max commercials that aired in 2012.

And if you thought that was all ​Irving could handle, he also has the time to roast LeBron James. As if the guy could ever miss out on an opportunity to take a shot at the King.

In Irving's latest interview about his movie, a reporter asks him to pick four teammates for a game that would take place forty years from now. Irving's answer? Anybody but LeBron.

That hurts. He even took the extra step to mention "naturally skilled" players, and "just a bunch of shooters." Does LeBron really not belong on that list?

The most cringe-worthy part of this whole statement is that this season, LeBron James picked Irving to be on his NBA All-Star team. When the roles were reversed, Irving left James in the dust. 

That one's gotta sting. Good thing Bron's in zero dark thirty mode.