Recent moves suggest that  John Tavares is going to stay with the New York Islanders, but it's far from a guarantee. 

If anything, his latest decision says the exact opposite. 

The stud forward is meeting with the Dallas Stars, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs, Tampa Bay Lightning and the San Jose Sharks. He'll of course still speak with the Islanders as well.


The door is still open for a departure. 

Tavares is speaking to the Islanders on a daily basis about returning to New York, but he's still seeing what else is on the table. He's one of the better players in hockey and will command a huge deal wherever he does go. With New York unlikely to contend for a cup in the immediate future, talking to other teams could allow him to entertain the idea of leaving for greener pastures. 

As he speaks to other teams about possibly moving on from the Islanders, they're waiting in the wings, ready to negotiate with their star at a moment's notice. 


Tavares' decision could change the layout of the NHL.