​Once again, LaVar Ball has made a fool of himself. 

It was an interesting and revolutionary idea to create the Junior Basketball Association, yet it's totally flopped in it's opening week. Although the idea of paying high school basketball players provides another alternative to entering college, Ball's master plan isn't exactly flourishing.

Before getting into the specifics of why this is such a toxic league for young ballers, let's just take a look at the attendance

​​For starters, the style of play in the ​JBA is identical to a scrimmage in the park. 

There's zero sense of stability from the officiating, actual offensive plays are nonexistent, and isolation basketball has completely taken over. It's not just ruining the integrity of the game, but it's also creating terrible habits for the talent in this league. 

​​Look, I understand that LaVar took an immense chance on creating this league for LaMelo and other prospects. However, he's only hurting their chances of making the NBA in the future. 

He can criticize the NCAA all he wants, but UCLA offers way more exposure and room for development than an amateur league. 

Seriously, players are already dropping 48 points due to the lack of defense being played. 

​​We've seen several mistakes made by LaVar Ball, but this might be the worst of them all.