The NFL has had its hands full this past year with allegations of disgraceful behavior from team's and its representatives regarding the treatment of female employees. The Jerry Richardson scandal and the Washington Redskins cheerleaders are a long line of terrible misconduct narratives. 

Now, the Houston Texans find themselves in hot water after ex-cheerleader Angelina Rosa revealed disturbing details of how she was treated during her time with the team.

According to Rosa's claims, former director of the squad, Alto Gary, placed duct tape around Rosa's body because she was labeled, as Angelina recalled, "skinny fat." Texans cheerleaders have already filed claims in federal court against Gary back in May, and Rosa is the latest victim to speak out.

Here is more of the horrible details from Angelina's experience, per a press conference on Friday's Good Morning America:

The NFL obviously has a problem here, as these patterns of mistreatment against women continue to pile up in such a short span of time. 

Though the responsibility for handling cheerleader employees is dictated at the team level, it's clear that commissioner Roger Goodell has to get involved to protect women like Rosa, who have endured invasive and degrading actions.