Bottom of the eighth inning Saturday night with the ​Los Angeles Angels down 1-0 against the Toronto Blue Jays behind a dominant performance from starter Marcus Stroman. ​Luis Valbuena steps up to the plate with two outs and thinks to himself, "if I connect, they better keep the cameras on me." He got his high fastball and didn't disappoint. 

In a clutch situation like that, he just had to give the people some sort of epic bat flip. No disrespect there, no over-the-top tossing of the stick or shouting at the pitcher, just a momentarily smooth, cold stare while the ball traveled high and into the warm Los Angeles air. 

As soon as it disappeared, that's when Valbuena added some sauce with the clean flick of the wrist.

The game didn't end in the Angels favor, but he'll at least be able to add that boss home-run celebration to his career highlight reel.