Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside​ is a man in transition. ​His team doesn't really want him anymore, but he carries a massive contract and is therefore quite a difficult player to offload. What inevitably sets in, then, is a strange combination of restlessness and malaise. That's just a fact of life for a man on the outside looking in at this ​NBA life.

And then, he decided to slip into a lady's DMs and shoot his shot.

It did not work out for him.

​​Can't decide what's funnier here-- the fact that she has no idea who he is, his pathetic attempt to backtrack, or Joel Embiid liking the tweet that captured the whole thing in all its glory.

We're going with Embiid as the opening line favorite, his face-saving fail might end up overtaking The Process here. 

It really was that lame.

One last underrated thing about this: he's moving to Los Angeles soon? That could just be a bizarre pickup line, sure. But is he really actually dumb enough to think that a team that plays basketball in Los Angeles would actually want him?

​Yeah. That's the funniest part of this thing.