​Look, you can capture a television at any angle you want to, looking for that perfect snapshot that distorts any normal man into a disfigured mess.

But if you can tilt your hands in a manner that makes them look this small on national TV, then you probably shouldn't get caught talking to the most gorgeous girl in the world unless you want the jokes to flow.

Thanks to their pregame celebrations, we know the people of Iceland can ​make it clap, but this fella might have a hard time ​cheering on his boys with these bite-sized pickle-jar-openers.

​​Iceland, of course, ultimately fell in this one 2-0 in a dispiriting loss to Nigeria. But lucky for this guy, they at least avoided a hand ball, something that he's likely never experienced during his time on the pitch. Not enough surface area.

Hopefully, things worked out better for these two. Probably didn't, though.