​On Friday, Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper said he'll participate in the Home Run Derby if he makes the All-Star team.

“So count me in for the Derby if and only if I make the team,” Harper said in a text message to The Washington Post Friday afternoon. “But if I do I will be a participant in the 2018 HR Derby.”

​​So if that's the standard, I'd say you can pencil in Harper for the Home Run Derby, which will take place at his home park in Washington D.C. Yes, he's not having his best year, but he's third in the NL All-Star balloting among outfielders after the ​latest update.

​​Despite​ confirming last year that he'd participate in the derby, it wasn't that long ago he was still undecided. I guess​ MLB reaching out and encouraging him may have sealed the deal.

Harper has had an overall down season, but he still leads the National League with 19 home runs. He can go deep with the best of them, and the fact it's at his home park, it's great that he's basically confirming he'll be in the derby.