Seattle Mariners legend Ichiro Suzuki was transitioned from the player roster to a front office position in early May of this year.

However, he may or may not have snuck into a few games under a great disguise. 

Cameras caught Ichiro in the Mariners' dugout during the first inning of their matchup with the Yankees in New York. Because he's not a player anymore, Suzuki isn't allowed to be in the dugout once the game begins. Apparently, he had other plans last night.

Suzuki's antics, while hilarious, should be properly credited to former Mets manager Bobby Valentine, who appeared in the dugout with a fake mustache and glasses after being ejected in a 1999 game. Valentine would later face a fine.

If Ichiro does face any discipline, it was totally worth it, especially for the fans who got to watch the show. 

Don't worry, Suzuki can probably afford it.

The Yankees ended up beating Seattle 4-3.