​You just can't please everyone. At least, that's the lesson that the New York Knicks learned tonight. After the Knicks drafted Kevin Knox with the No. 9 overall pick, Knicks fans weren't shy about expressing their disappointment with the selection. I think this video of Stephen A. Smith pretty much sums up how Knicks fans felt after initially hearing about Knox.

It's not that Knox will assuredly be a bust. The Kentucky small forward who somehow knew that he was going to be picked by the Knicks has a lot of offensive potential, as he hit on 42.1 percent of his two-point jumpers and made 34.1 percent of his three-pointer attempts last season.

Knox even showcased elite athleticism, which is what the Knicks might have viewed as icing on the cake.

However, Knicks fans can rightfully point out that Knox wasn't that successful on defense in college. He only put up 0.3 blocks per 40 minutes and played lackluster defense. 

Knox really needs to up his game on defense to justify the pick. He was seen as one of the riskiest lottery picks, so t's understandable why Knicks fans would be upset with this one.