Be prepared to say your goodbyes in a timely fashion Wizards fans. Big man Marcin Gortat may be sent on his way as early as tonight.

Washington would ideally love to create a trade package that avoids giving up the No. 15 overall pick. This preference may be difficult to make possible though. Gortat still has one season remaining on his current deal, but the team feels that making a move may be best for their future. 

Regardless of if this trade works, the Wizards shouldn't get too excited about the services that they would be getting in return for Gortat. 

His career seems to be on a steady decline statistically and he is 34 years old. He is still a valuable and efficient player, but there are not many teams that are super interested, especially if the draft pick is taken out of the equation.

Gortat has been traded twice before in his career, so this news did not come to him as a surprise. He had been expecting some talk about this move for a while especially after there was a bit of drama in the Wizards locker room during the season. 

Both sides seem to be okay with parting ways. The Wizards know that some type of change needs to be made and Gortat acknowledges that he is the oldest player on the team. 

Will the Wizards be able to pull this off? Or will they cave and include their draft pick into the mix in hopes of a few more takers? Guess we will have to wait and see.