​It's been a while since Oregon Ducks football has been relevant on a national scale. One minute they're winning the Pac 12 every year thanks to the best offense in the nation while wearing new flashy uniforms every week, and the next you can't even win your own division ​and are more known for Fortnite celebrations

Fortunately, school administrators are doing their part in making the game experience better. 

The institution wants to add two more hours to the time before games where it's legal to consume alcohol in parking lots around their stadium. Depending on the kickoff time, tailgates could start as early as 7 a.m.

According to the athletic department, their new proposal is meant to improve the fans' experience before games and decrease traffic to the stadium, specifically on Interstate-5.

This seems perfectly reasonable for traveling fans. However, it could create more chaos before and during games. Oregon ranked third in fan ejections among teams across America last season and first in the Pac-12.  

While many fans do travel far to get to these games, a lot of this team's fans are a bunch of rowdy college kids looking to get drunk whenever possible. 

Giving them more time to do so would be like trying to put out a fire with kerosene. 

Should their proposal be approved, hopefully they can get the best possible outcome out of this. Until then, Justin Herbert ​will look to lead the Ducks back to the top of the conference.