​On Wednesday, the Detroit Pistons introduced Dwane Casey as their new head coach just over a week after hiring him to replace Stan Van Gundy. 

​Casey is taking control of a Pistons team with Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond as the stars and Reggie Jackson running the show at point. However, Stanley Johnson was one player he had a lot of praise and admiration for.

During ​Casey's press conference, he said Johnson is the best player in the league at defending LeBron James. 

It's a good sign to see that Casey is embracing his new players, but we've seen what has happened when players claim they can defend King James. It never ends well. 

Besides, LeBron averaged 23.8 points, 9 assists and 5.8 rebounds against the Pistons last year, so, not really sure Johnson is the best in the league at slowing LeBron. 

Casey also said the Pistons aren't in a developing process and are ready to win now.

While people believe the Pistons are still a few players away from competing in the Eastern Conference, Casey is ready to prove them wrong.