Kevin Knox, what are you thinking man?

The former Kentucky player uttered one of the most stupid things many of us have ever heard. Knox, when speaking about the possibility of being selected by the New York Knicks, made this highly unusual comparison.

"Kentucky is basically the New York Knicks of college basketball"?

Not sure where he wanted to go with this statement but comparing one of the most successful basketball programs for decades to the laughing stock organization that resides in Madison Square Garden is flat out absurd.

Now, if he's comparing the type of spotlight both Kentucky and the Knicks receive from fans and the media, that somewhat makes sense to an extent. But the Knicks have wallowed in relative obscurity for years now. Most of the attention they get is for being laughably bad and for kicking out their former star players. Never forgive them, Charles Oakley.

All this comes after Knox just defended Kentucky on twitter as the best school in the country. You can't now compare them to the Knicks dude. 

However, New York does own the 9th overall pick in the draft, and this could be a ploy by Knox to position himself as a top ten pick. So, if that was his goal, I'm all for it. But anything other than that is just stupid.