​The YES Network isn't ready to move on just yet. Current ​Yankees color analyst and former big-leaguer Ken Singleton announced that 2018 would his last season in the broadcast booth. The folks at the network are giving it their best shot to try to keep him around.

YES president of production John Filipelli has reportedly made an offer Singleton can't refuse.

YES would have Singleton call 25 games -- he's calling 50 this year -- and have a majority of those games be in Tampa and Baltimore. Singleton owns a house in both of those cities.

The Manhattan-born former outfielder hasn't directly indicated if he will consider returning, as he has prioritized being able to spend time with his family.

“It is like nothing I have ever felt before,” Singleton said. “Even with my own kids, it was fun watching them play, but even more so now. Maybe because I’m getting older I appreciate it even more. When my own kids were playing, I had a job to do. I had to get on planes and trains and that sort of thing. I missed a lot. Now, I’m to the point where I don’t have to miss them if I don’t want to.”

The ​YES Network is trying to make it as convenient as possible for Singleton to say on and still enjoy his life. Stay tuned.