​The midday losses keep mounting for ​Chicago.

Not even a half hour after something ​called Kyle Farmer drove a stake through our collective heart (where do the Dodgers grow these people?), Joe Maddon held court in the clubhouse, revealing the reason we didn't see ​Brandon Morrow in a save situation in Game 1 of 2.

A balky back. Great.

​​According to Maddon, this is the second consecutive day the back has bothered the violent right-hander, who's been overworked in recent seasons and hardly durable throughout his career. Any kink in the back has to be viewed with extreme caution by a Cubs team that certainly needs Morrow, as proven by Justin Wilson's performance in the earlier contest.

Obviously, Maddon didn't tip his hand pregame so as not to disclose strategy, but this admission wouldn't really have changed the Dodgers' strategy if it had leaked pregame, would it? What strategy involves losing until the non-closer comes in so you can take advantage?

Regardless, the Cubbies will be fighting uphill in Tuesday's second game as well. Wouldn't have it any other way.