​Shocker, Tom Brady is confusing the rest of the NFL again. 

Last weekend, the five-time Super Bowl quarterback​ revealed in an interview with Oprah that his retirement is coming rather soon. He didn't reinforce the idea that he's playing forever or at least until he's 45, as Brady finally showed signs of satisfaction with his overall resume. 

Just kidding, we can all completely scratch those prior thoughts because Brady is reverting to his old ways. 

In an ESPN post on Instagram that was captioned "Tom Brady says he's still motivated too keep playing, but he knows he can't play forever", the Patriots superstar left a rather interesting comment. 

That's right, Brady replied to the post with a subtle "Cuarenta y cinco," which is Spanish for 45. 

Not even after a week of r​eports suggesting that retirement is near, the football world is struck with this interesting comment. If you're a New England supporter, then reading this is definitely worth celebrating. 

As for the rest of the league, they're probably left wondering what is going through Brady's mind. 

If he's not considered the most polarizing figure in all of sports right now, Brady is doing a heck of a job reaching that title.