​Sterling Brown did not do anything particularly notable on the floor for the Bucks last season, but he is seeking to make an everlasting impact in the greater Milwaukee community. 

The Bucks shooting guard has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department and the city of Milwaukee for wrongful arrest and use of excessive force following an altercation with police in January. 

Brown said money was not the motivation for filing this lawsuit. After all, he is being paid handsomely by the Bucks for his services. Rather, Brown said he is doing this because he wants to see the Milwaukee Police Department held accountable so they will change the way they interact with black men moving forward. 

During the ​altercation in January, Brown was forced to the ground, tased in the back and had his ankles stepped on as a group of four police officers surrounded him. ​​

Since the footage from the body cameras emerged, three of the officers involved have received ​discipline of some sort. Another eight officers were required to undergo remedial training and have to review Milwaukee PD policies on how to cooperate with citizens.

The police department has racked up quite the tab in the last few years for the city. Since 2015, the city of Milwaukee has had to pay out $22 million in police misconduct lawsuits. 

The case has to make its way through the courts before we know whether Milwaukee will have to shell out any more money, but for at least their wallet's sake, the city is hoping the police department gets their act together sooner rather than later.