​LeBron James is set to become an unrestricted free agent in less than two weeks. But nothing is ever set in stone ahead of time when it comes to King James. No, maximal drama is always a given right up until the decisive moments.

LBJ has until June 29th to decide on his $35.6 million player option. If he declines and opts out, he will hit the open market. But despite all the rumors of a massively high-profile exit, there remains a chance that the King actually doesn't leave The Land.

Much of James' decision centers around the ​NBA Draft on June 21st. Unfortunately, fans -- and even the Cavaliers organization itself -- will have to wait until beyond draft night to know what the all-timer is actually going to do. But for now, he and his representatives are reportedly still in contact with the Cleveland brass.

With or without LeBron, who craves championship rings more than ever, the Cavs will need to do some serious revamping. Whether that means selling off veterans or packaging up the No. 8 overall pick, all options need to be on the table.

It's a good sign for fans in northeast Ohio that James' people are still in contact with the Cavs despite all of the intense exit speculation. But that could all change in an instant. Such is life in King James' court.