​It's taken 18 years, but it looks like Cleveland's quarterback situation finally isn't a complete disaster. Anyone craving the narrative of a brash college legend coming in and asserting his dominance over the league average good guy will be disappointed. 

Browns rookie Baker Mayfield praised Tyrod Taylor's mentorship to the entire roster and said his contributions are invaluable to the organization. 

​​Mayfield's comments come as a shock to anyone who thought that the Browns drafting Mayfield and ​acquiring Taylor would lead to nothing but controversy and more mediocrity at the quarterback position. 

The rookie's comments reveal that those assumptions could not be further from the truth. 

Mayfield said Taylor has set the perfect example for the entire team through his work ethic and attitude on a daily basis, which is exactly what an organization that has gone 4-44 over the past three seasons needs if they are going to turn things around. 

The reports out of Cleveland's camp suggest that Mayfield will spend more time learning from Taylor than many people would have expected. Early competition between the two has revealed that ​Mayfield has a long way to go before he can unseat Taylor. 

It's a sentence I never thought I'd write about the Browns, but maybe, just maybe, Cleveland has figured out its quarterback situation.