​Well, this is just hilarious. Folks, it's the 30th anniversary of a certain classic baseball flick, Bull Durham, and the Potomac Nationals decided to show off their acting skills by recreating the well-known mound visit scene from the movie.

I absolutely love it when ​athletes try and act. Most of the time, they're so bad at it that it makes everything funnier. It can be fun to see your favorite players have fun acting like fools. We get to witness serious pro athletes showing a side of themselves we often don't get to see.

Remember back in 2016, when Didi Gregorious and Starlin Castro recreated a classic scene from Step Brothers? So awkward, so uncomfortable, yet so funny.

This one doesn't have to do with baseball, but their horrible acting and accents make this cheesy performance way funnier than it should be. 

​There are plenty of baseball movies out there, so it's a ton of fun to see which ones our favorite players loved the most. What's next-- The Natural? The Sandlot? Here's to hoping we can see more of this craziness from players around the country.