Jimmy Graham may have made a lot of enemies when he decided to sign with the Green Bay Packers this offseason. Previously, Graham has played for the New Orleans Saints and most recently the Seattle Seahawks, however, neither of those fan bases are the ones irritated by Graham. 

Interestingly enough, the ​Minnesota Vikings and their fans have a few fair reasons to hate the Packers' newest offensive weapon. Why? Because Graham has now been a part of three of the Vikings' most hated opponents: the Saints, Seahawks, and Vikings.

Hatred towards the Saints mainly stems from the 2009 NFC Championship Game, where the Saints ended Minnesota's season in heartbreaking fashion. Brett Favre threw a late interception with the lead in the fourth quarter, which led to overtime and eventually a Saints win. The Seahawks have been marked as enemies by the Vikings for similar reasons. Minnesota had Seattle beat in the 2016 NFC Wild Card Game with 22 seconds left and Blair Walsh lining up for a 27-yard field goal. Except they didn't. Walsh missed the chip shot and sent the Vikes home again.

Of course, the last reason for hating Graham is obvious: he's a Packer. Signing with their most hated division rival was the last straw for Vikings fans, who've seen Graham-led teams break their hearts one too many times. Now, with the NFC North appearing to be a showdown between Minnesota and Green Bay, that hatred will surely intensify.

As for their terrible luck in the playoffs versus teams with Graham on their roster? Vikings fans can only hope that ends.