​In one of the more interesting developments of late, Puma is getting back into the basketball business.

After signing top prospects ​Marvin Bagley and Zhaire Smith, Puma put the icing on the cake by signing the top-ranked player in this upcoming draft; Deandre Ayton. 

​​Ayton and Bagley are expected to be the top two picks in the 2018 Draft, so it is safe to say that they are putting a lot of stock into the big men.

When Ayton was asked about why he chose Puma over more established basketball brands like Nike and Adidas, it seemed that the answer was quite clear. 

​​This isn't too surprising, as Ayton allegedly accepted money to play for the University of Arizona. That particular investigation never seemed to reach full fruition, but it is safe to say that something shady happened.

In a sense, Ayton should be respected for a move like this, as he clearly doesn't care about a brand name too much. At the end of the day, Nike and Adidas are only as 'cool' as the people make them, and if he thinks that Puma can provide him with quality gear while paying him the most money, it is probably the best decision.