​Von Miller definitely should've warned his dad about this prank going in, because he was caught completely off-guard. By now it's been well publicized that ​Tom Brady kisses his son on mouth. It's definitely a little creepy, but surely his choice in parenting and we respect it. But the jokes keep pouring in, including a father's day tribute by the ​Broncos' star that takes aim at Brady's tactics.

"Tom Brady's (son) ain't the only one who kisses his daddy on the mouth."

And shots fired. Surely this is all in jest, but we've known Brady long enough now to understand that he takes note of literally everything. Any insult aimed his way is sure to come with retribution some point down the line. Thankfully, Denver and New England play just about every season, so we won't have to wait long to see what TB12 has in mind.

Nothing like adding a little fire to a rivalry months before the season even begins. It's gonna be a long summer.